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VIN Registry (special list)

This is a special DeLorean Registry list, ordered by VIN, as of Nov 30, 2022.

Signed by Other Persons
VIN Model Year Mfg.  MM YY Interior Trans Hood City State/Pr. Country Engine Nbr Frame Nbr DOD Mbr Conversion Notes
1216 81  Apr 81  Black  Manual  Grooved,Flap    Redmond  WA  USA  1265       Glove box signed by Christopher Lloyd  
2739 81  Aug 81  Black  Automatic  Grooved,Flap    Dallas  TX  USA  2321       BTTF (VideoBob #11 and #33). Signed by Christopher Lloyd. 
2848 81  Jul 81  Black  Manual  Flap    Kahului  HI  USA  3691    Yes  Signed by Doc and Biff  
3060 81  Aug 81  Grey  Automatic  Grooved,Flap    Morten  WA  USA  4135       BTTF conversion. Signed by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd 
4456 81  Oct 81  Grey  Manual  Grooved    Happy Valley  OR  USA      Yes  Signed by Michael J. Fox,  
5574 81  Oct 81  Grey  Automatic  Grooved    West Mifflin  PA  USA         Signed by M. J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson, initialed by JZD. 
7095 81  Nov 81  Grey  Manual  Grooved    Austin  TX  USA         BTTF (Coulombe Ent. #8) 1955, 1985, 2015 Doc Brown Lightning Edition, signed by Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale. 

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