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# Date From Location Greeting
138  2/7/2024  Steve Tyson  San Antonio, TX  Hello! I am Looking for someone willing to display their DeLorean at a "Back to the Future" Real Estate event on October 22nd, 2024 at Alzafar Shrine, San Antonio. 

137  1/20/2023  Susan Finnell  Houston Texas, USA  I am interested in finding someone in the Houston area who would be willing to display their DeLorean at the Tallowood Baptist Church POPs Concert - "Back to the Future". Event is March 4, 2023 - Houston Memorial area. Email sfinnell@tallowood.org 

136  11/1/2022  Howard Cox  Glenpool, Ok  E-mail address for Howard Cox hcox@sspizzacorp.com 

135  11/1/2022  Howard Cox  Glenpool, Ok  Email address from previous guestbook signing. 

134  11/1/2022  Howard Cox  Glenpool, Ok  I'm trying to get in contact with a Delorean owner who might be interested in bringing their Delorean to an event in Tulsa, Ok in 2023? 

133  9/23/2022  Lance Andrewsen  South Jordan, UT USA  Sorry, forgot to leave email: skyboltla@gmail.com 

132  9/23/2022  Lance Andrewsen  South Jordan, Utah USA  I am happy to report that VIN 01599 is again alive and well with a Stage II upgrade for its completely rebuilt engine. I plan to join DOD so I can update the directory with current information. 

131  7/17/2022  Jacob Siwiecki  Erie, PA  Jacob Siwiecki 2016 Mercedes C300 

130  12/31/2021  Andrew Morales  Waddell AZ USA  Hello I would like to update Vin 5125 I have bought it in April 2021. Still in Arizona but is now stage 1 and has moved to waddell AZ USA. Also have vin 3794 and is in bad shape. And would like to join the directory email midoilauto@yahoo.com 

129  8/14/2021  steve  florida  VIN 10734 is in WEST Melbourne FLORIDA Not west melbourne victoria au. I sold it to my neighbor about 10 years ago. please correct your records  

128  5/18/2021  Michael  Orlando, FL  Great site. Was being nostalgic and searching for my old delorean. Found the Vin on here 02944. However info is incorrect. It has a grooved hood and not a smooth. It still has same hood as I have found pictures of it online now that it is in Brazil. 

127  3/7/2021  Airell  Breda, the Netherlands  Hello, #4694 here! Owner since 2012. The grey interior was almost completely destroyed by the Texan sun... It was replaced with a black interior in 2012. Happy driving everyone! 

126  2/24/2021  John Conlan  Wellington, New Zealand  Just wanted to let you know VIN 6051 now resides in Wellington New Zealand 

125  12/20/2020  Danielle  Anaheim CA USA  Looking for 5309. Red floor model bought new by my parents in 82' from Hardin Oldsmobile. Seems to be no trace of it now. danielle.everly@yahoo.com 

124  12/20/2020  robert brandys, PHD,MPH,PE  las vegas, NV  New Documentary Series on John Delorean and DMC. At least 7 parts. Hundreds of new references from previously classified governmenal documents  

123  12/16/2020  Kevin Murphy  Cardiff, Wales, UK  Correction, it looks like you have my number in your registry, but your main front page needs amending as the 11*** vin series is now showing to be incorrect. Thanks.  

122  12/16/2020  Kevin Murphy  Cardiff, Wales, UK  tried 2get information updated onto here but no avail.The links aren't working if you want e mail me spudwales at g0oogle male dot com James Espey will confirm that mine is the highest recorded vin in the 11*** series 11789 

121  12/11/2020  Alexei  Naples Florida  Useful and plentiful information. Thank you! 

120  9/6/2020  Jorgen Wettbo  Malmo, Sweden  Dear DMC-Friends, Im owning 16618, now in Malmo, Sweden. Tried to update, though need your support. Im on jw@udcorg.com Previously owned 16583, 16328 and 16028. 

119  6/3/2020  Stuart Beale  Oxford, UK  I have had 10371 in storage for a few years. Its a BAE turbo car. Will be restoring soon... 

118  5/3/2019  Alexei  Naples USA  Excellent VIN information! Long time enthusiast and JZD historian from Detroit. 

117  7/1/2018  N. Ravenstar  Valley Mills, TX USA  In the early-mid 90s, I owned 1293 and have regretting selling her ever since. Wish I could have her back or even just gaze upon her once more...don't even know where she is today. Great club; I like your site. 

115  5/1/2018  Francois GONNEAU  Tarbes, FRANCE  Owner of Vin5900 , I would give information about my DMC and I would too find maybe other informations about differents past owners in the USA of my car i, order to know his story. francois.gonneau@wanadoo.fr 

114  2/19/2018  Darryl Givens  Wilkes-barre PA  Hi! In regards to the VIN list, 5898 was destroyed a few years ago to an engine fire after vendor work. It was modified with a 3.0 EFI and the transmission was swapped to a 5speed prior. I have photos of the car and Vin plate still. I now own 5737 w 

113  2/2/2018  Ryan Foster  Haw River, NC, USA  Hello, I used to own vin 16301.. I have some photos I'd love to up load to that vin if interested. 

112  12/30/2017  GaryHill  Tennessee  Hello from #2806. How do I become a member of this limited group? 

111  12/5/2017  Dimitri  Eure (France)  Hi, I'm Dimitri, VIN#2738 owner. Aug 81', Automatic, black interior, gas flap hood, 30k miles. I'm living in Eure (France). Fully restaured, it's running great. Dimitri statusquo27200@yahoo.fr 

110  12/5/2017  Dimitri  Eure (France)  Hi, I'm Dimitri, VIN#2738 owner. Aug 81', Automatic, black interior, gas flap hood, 30k miles. I'm living in Eure (France). Fully restaured, it's running great, do you have an e-mail address for send to you a pic of my VIN plate ? Dimitri statusq 

109  11/8/2017  Marek Reinsch  UK  VIN 4454 is now in UK. Grey, manual, groved hood. Ex California car. Imported November 2017. Undergoing restomodification. 

108  9/7/2017  Alexandre Brooks  Bend Oregon  Vin 10020 now lives in bend Oregon 

106  8/23/2017  skip vaughan  gg ca  714-742-4214 sorry 

105  8/23/2017  Skip Vaughan  Garden Grove Ca  Please call about the Directory I am a DOD Board member Tres 

104  7/30/2017  Eddie Garcia  Chicago, Il  #1391 turbo bought in Texas and driven to Chicago where still lives. 

103  6/15/2017  Bob Potter  Wichita, KS  We have learned that a Delorean that we sold is illegally in the Huntsville area. The last 4 digits of the VIN are 4590. If anyone comes across this car please call 3163931729. 

102  6/15/2017  Bob Potter  Wichita, KS  This probably isn't the correct platform but we have learned that a Delorean that we sold was illegally taken from Wichita to the Huntsville area. The last 4 digits of the VIN are 4590. The judgement to have this car returned to its owner is resides in S 

101  4/24/2017  Kevin Murphy  Cardiff, Wales, UK  Hi. Love the site - It's a great reference point. Regarding My VIN 11789 (one of the UAE 50 cars - and probably #50 of the 50) How do I get the details on the registry updated - vin plate phot etc? Cheers Kevin spudwales at google male dooot kom 

100  3/17/2017  Charles Villarreal  Dallas Texas USA  I am having A Delorean Day At The FOE. 12$ for dinner and a Frank Sinatra. With your Delorean your night is FREE with your cup refilled twice. On maps you type Fraternal Order of the Eagles Dallas. the address is 8500 Arturo Drive Dallas 75228. I am the C 

99  2/17/2017  Ryan Turner  Euless, Tx  rhturner@eulesstx.gov 

98  2/17/2017  Ryan Turner  Euless, Tx  The city of Euless (DFW,Tx) is hosting a drive-in movie on August 19th. It'll be on a 75ft screen, and we're considering playing the movie Back To The Future. I think it would be awesome if we played this film and a bunch of DeLoreans showed up. Is th 

97  1/30/2017  Steven Hall  Norman, OK  Delorean Rental steven.hall@journeychurch.tv 

96  1/30/2017  Steven Hall  Norman, OK  Hello, I am looking for a DeLorean to rent in Norman, Oklahoma for a VBS event. The dates are June 5th through 8th. Is there anybody who might be interested in doing that? We would provide a hotel room and compensation. ,Steven steven.hall@journ 

95  11/9/2016  Steve Jarvis  New Braunfels, TX  Just moved my 04532 to New Braunfels after 15 years of storage in Colorado. Many thanks to Steven Wynn at DMC Houston who talked me through starting it after this prolonged storage period. 

94  10/31/2016  Mikko Marttila  Jyvaskyla, Finland  Vin number 10831 is located here in Finland. Car is in good original condition and privately owned. 

93  10/20/2016  Marilyn Kidwell  Cedar City, Utah, USA  1982 DeLorean, VIN 10457, formerly located in Las Vegas, now resides in Cedar City, Utah. 

92  9/22/2016  Christian Dietrich  Bunker Hill, West Virginia  Just updating my car information 

91  9/12/2016  M Topping  Lynnfield Ma  Greetings from owner of 6213 

90  9/12/2016  Marco Bolowski  Berlin / Germany  Hi Folks, the Delo with VIN 6563 in Berlin ist painted. The Colour is red. Many greetings from Berlin, Marco 

89  8/26/2016  Ken Hullett  Flippin, Arkansas USA  Just thought I would throw this out. My father passed away back in December 2015. He owned a 1981 Delorean that has 8,500 miles on it. I am the executor of his estate and we plan to sell the car. It has been sitting in his garage since he bought it in 

88  7/10/2016  Eric Murray  Wexford, PA  Hi! Purchased #4082 from DMC Florida. The vehicle is in great shape and has a happy home. 

87  6/26/2016  Claude McFarlan  Huachuca City, Az, USA  VIN SCEDT26T4BD 004849 

86  5/15/2016  Jaro Podhradsky  Degersheim, Switzerland  Hy, my name is vin 0549. I am living in switzerland for more than 25 years. Jaro@sonnenheizungen.ch 

85  3/5/2016  Keith Bolster  Sammamish, WA  FYI, 000816 is alive and well! 

84  2/2/2016  Dubbe Maxime  France Yvelines  Hello I am the owner of VIN # 17111 which is now in France Yvelines. How to update the register of the VIN photo? Thanks for your help. dubbe@hotmail.fr Maxime 

83  1/5/2016  Gabriel Scudiero  Kill Devil Hills N>C>  Hi, just want to say vin# 3194 now living in Kill Devil Hills N>C> 

82  11/24/2015  Florian Postleb  Cologne NRW  Hi guys, my delo with VIN 871, build march 81, is in Cologne, Germany. It´s in Germany since the last 20-25 years. 

81  11/19/2015  Jeff Whitney  Austin, TX usa  Anyone willing to park a DeLorean in Decatur Square, located at 101 E Court Square, Decatur, GA 30030 for a wedding on 12/12/2015? 

80  11/11/2015  Marco Bolowski  Berlin, Germany  Hi folks, I would tell you, that vin_6563 is now in Berlin. Many greetings, Marco  

79  9/15/2015  Todd Quigley  Endicott, NY in the USA  Hi folks! I was doing some research on DeLoreans and came across your registry. I have noted some errors and other issues with it. Could I talk to someone about providing some help with updating it? 

78  8/18/2015  Greg Johnson  Wilson NC USA  American Cancer Society Rally. I need to raise $5000 to cover costs. iGreg6@yahoo 

77  8/8/2015  Dick Bergman  Duncanville, Texas, USA  I am looking for a DeLorean owner who would be willing to park his DeLorean on a stage in Dallas for 5 days in October. The program is a flashback to the famous film. Fee is negotiable. 972-824-8142 

76  6/4/2015  Jacco Loof  Emmen, The Netherlands  Hi I have ownership of Vin 3373 for 4 years now and have no intention to stop! Purchased at Delorean Europe with Ed Uding. 

75  5/28/2015  Christopher Payne, AIA  Los Angeles, CA USA  I have just purchased No.3104 from the original owner and it is being restored by DMC of Huntington Beach. 

74  2/19/2015  Luis S. Angueira  San Juan, Puerto Rico  Owner of Vin #5822. Feeling proud because I found that there are 23 Delorean in Puerto Rico. My Delorean had been in multiples auto shows receiving the People Shoice Award. 

73  1/24/2015  David Koch  la Verne, USA  How do I forward you a photo of my vin plate to add to your records of 10162? Then how do I give you info on stage 2 upgrade & power steering? REPLY FROM WEBMASTER: You can email me at tak(at)citizenkidd.com 

72  1/23/2015  Andy Strano  Las Vegas NV  D Owner #2147. Looking for more Delorean Owners in Southern NV.Great Site!!! 

71  1/9/2015  Shanna Schmidt  Austin Texas USA  We are hosting an old school drive in and will be showing Back to the Future III - would anyone be interested in bringing their Delorean onsite for photos? 512-717-1145 text or call 

70  12/13/2014  Johnny Steele  Wichita, kansas  Owner #1382 since 1981, driven on regular basis, less than 4k miles as of 12-13-14.. Great site, keep up the good work.. 

69  11/27/2014  Chris  Antibes - French Riviera - FRANCE  Very nice . Great databank. BTW, if you want to add Antibes or French Riviera for VIN 16318 who is already located in France. greetings . Eve et Chris. 

68  8/7/2014  Matt Hanlon  Pensacola, United States  Just looking at my car info #754. The manufacture date of this Vin is April 81. 

67  7/22/2014  Charlie Hall  El Dorado Hills, Ca. USA  Just for the record, Vin. 10533 is in the Sacramento area as of 2006 

66  6/25/2014  Bob Brandys  Las Vegas, NV, USA  The DeLorean VIN registry is great! 

65  6/18/2014  Dennis  D?sseldorf, Germany  Hi, I just want to let you know that VIN 1619 is now located in D?sseldorf, Germany. 

64  6/9/2014  Greg  Melbourne Australia  Ijust purchased vin 15999 has 870 original miles this car should be in a museum very proud to own this piece of motoring history 

63  6/6/2014  Sergio B  Valladolid (Spain)  Hi! Im the owner of the VIN 4046,this car was painted in red and at this moment was returned to the original steel finish.Interior was black and comes with a BAE turbo Kit.Regards 

62  3/30/2014  John Patterson  Virginia Beach, VA, USA  I am very excited to now be a first time DeLorean owner as the new custodian of VIN 905 

61  2/27/2014  David Parody  Perth Western Australia  Hi I have just purchased vin 12181,Factory authorised RHD Black interior and Manual transmission. 

60  2/26/2014  David Parody  Perth Western Australia  Hi, great site, I am currently looking at purchasing vin number 12181 as listed this is a factory RHD. Thanks Dave 

59  2/25/2014  Martin  Vodskov, Denmark  Greetings from Vin 1255. The car came to Denmark i 1989 from Los Angeles,CA. Has been sitting in various garages and barns since then. I got the car late 2013, and is now beeing brought back to life by me! 

58  2/18/2014  Michael  Heinsberg Germany  Hi iam the owner of 2487! i buy this Car in Nov 2013 in Illinoy and ship that to Germany directly in my Garage. A Dream comes true! 

57  6/25/2013  Skellie  Wilmington, DE USA  Frame off restoration of 6861 done by Joe Jentile and Roger Herr. Amazing work by these mechanics. Just drove her across PA and back! 

56  6/19/2013  Stephan Eschtruth  Bad Hersfeld, Germany  Hello. My VIN is 5449. The Car is not more in Stade, last year it find the way to my garage in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. so i hope, this will be for a long time :-) 

55  4/16/2013  Michael Borthwick  Toronto, Ontario  A big hello from your stainless steel driving friends in the Ontario Delorean Owners Club 

54  3/26/2013  Barrett Mitchell  Hollywood, CA  Just wanted to update the location (and color) of 3003 which i recently became the proud owner of. :-) Currently has just over 55k miles, has been painted white, and has numerous upgrades. 

53  2/16/2013  tom kish  elkhart, indiana  Hello,Texas Delorean Club i have bought Delorean # 4357 and wanted to say hi------tom kish 

52  2/1/2013  Vin owner 3235  Europe  Hello, I own Vin 3235 now. Looks like it drove in Texas before... Any idea who was previous owner? 

51  1/11/2013  Bill  Sydney, Australia  Vin 11089 back on the road, lowered and cat free sports exhaust 

50  1/5/2013  Brian Galbiati  Drums PA  10440 is in PA. Interior needs extensive work. Previous owner from AZ was a butcher. 

49  9/30/2012  Hideo D. Takagi  Nagoya-City, Japan  I own a VIN#2948 for several years now. I cannot register the current status of my car in DOD. Please, let me know how to do so. WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS? PLEASE CONTACT US VIA EMAIL, Thanks. 

48  8/7/2012  Steve Mayo  Queen Creek AZ USA  Hello from AZ-D/ Arizona Delorean Club 

47  7/24/2012  Gerard McStocker  Toomebridge Co. Antrim Ireland  Thanks for listing vin 3302 brought back here to N. Ireland by me from S. Carolina in 2003. keep up the great work! 

46  6/13/2012  Mark  Near Toronto ON, Canada  Thanks very much for putting in the time on this database. It really is appreciated, and keep it up! 5875 

45  2/24/2012  txz045  West Texas  Dig the site, groovy to know about this activity here in Texas. 

44  1/1/2012  Rod Dillman  Troutville, VA 24175 USA  Thanks for keeping the DOD and VIN chronology up to date. There is one correction needed on my car, VIN 10921 has engine number 000000529. All other information is correct as listed. Thanks, Rod 

43  12/17/2011  Brian Brown  Heswall, England  Hi, I own #10556 which is alive and kicking in the U.K! Great site and keep up the good work guys! 

42  7/24/2011  Barry Berman  Montreal, Quebec  Hi, I just wanted to update you on #3028. I recently purchased her after she had been sitting in a field in New Jersey for 6 years. When I got her the doors were stuck closed. I have recently started fixing her up and bringing her back to life. 

41  6/1/2011  Xalpgars  Xenia, Ohio  city of xenia ohio fire department, 

40  4/27/2011  Scott V  Wallingford, CT - USA  VIN 4556 originally came from Alaska, but was purchased in September of 2010. It now happily lives in CT. Just an update on records. Not sure how to change in the actual VIN database. Photo of VIN plate to come.... 

39  2/5/2011  Dean Sasabuchi  Toronto, Canada  Hi, I am the owner of VIN 1930. I wanted to update you with some info? I have a gas flap hood. The frame number (welded onto the rear frame in the engine bay is #1643). 

38  12/17/2010  Rudy Ulloa  Houston, Texas USA  Recent first-time DeLorean owner, and very proud of it! VIN #06010. Will Become a member DOT asap to share future photos. Great to be part of the DMC family! 

37  12/6/2010  Ian Yanagisawa  Houston  Trying to join here! 

36  10/4/2010  Frank Darmo  Phoenix, Arizona  My brother and I are the owners of vin #6631. We do love our car for sure..love this website 

35  9/17/2010  Toni Pedrol  Menorca (Spain)  Congratulations for your vey comphensive and really good made web page. Is always nice to see the dream alive all over the world. VIN 1735 

34  7/20/2010  Iv?n Garc  Arnedo spain  Thank you to all the people who made this possible. God save the delorean 

33  7/19/2010  Shawn Kerkhoff  Thousand Oaks, California  Just stopping in to say hi. 1981 Auto Black Interior Visited DMC HQ twice in Humble and proud to own my D-Ride! 

32  7/15/2010  Richard J. Roosa  Congers, NY  6996 

31  5/16/2010  ivan garcia moron  arnedo la rioja spain  Hello I?m the owner of the delorean 11601 vin since 4 years . a delorean is much more than a car. thanks 

30  3/20/2010  Dean Sasabuchi  Toronto Canada  Hi, I have been the owner of VIN 1930 since October 2008. The car is now at home in Toronto Ontario 

29  12/6/2009  Gary Barrett  Van Buren, Arkansas USA  New owner of VIN#04097 

28  7/10/2009  Craig Hyatt  Spring, Texas  Hi to all my name is Craig Hyatt. I just started working at Delorean of Houston but have known Steven for the last 10 years. I am looking to meet all of you, have a great weekend. 

27  6/9/2009  Chris Blum  Rogers, AR  New owner 2424. Could not update the new location in the vin registration section. Cool site! 

26  2/6/2009  Joey Paul Gowdy  Hickory Flat, MS  Owner of 4875, Oct. 1981 build, Grey, Manual, Grooved, No Gas Flap. 

25  12/21/2008  Chad R. Krause  Waukesha Co, Wisconsin  The owner of 1601; most likely the last car to bear a May build date. 

24  10/12/2008  Viktor  Hungary  Owner of 7075 thanks you for the page and VIN database. 

23  9/13/2008  Josh Small  Ocala, fl.  VIN 1988, has gas flap hood and is a auto, black inter. here in ocala fl. VIN 10980 is here in Ocala fl also, its a man, with flat hood and grey inter. 3,872 orig miles to it. 

22  6/23/2008  Diana Fry  St. Petersburg, FL  Hello Shannon, Wow what a great source of DeLorean facts. Fastastic. Thanks for the note again on EBay. Appreciate it.  

21  12/18/2007  Mia Winsett  Stephenville Tx, United States  Hi my fiance and I are extreme DeLorean fanatics. His biggest dream is to drive a delorean down the street. lol 

20  10/12/2007  Floris  Maasbree, the Netherlands  Hi guys...owning #5200 since year now, so u could give it an update! Greetz 

19  9/6/2007  Tony  Burbank, CA  Hi Folks! #5470 Auto/Grey Int. 

18  8/31/2007  CRAIG STECKER  ROYAL PALM BEACH,FLORIDA  Hi, I JUST PURCHACED VIN #1892 if you want to put it in your registry. Thanks Craig 

17  8/10/2007  Guy Joyner  Austin, Texas  Greetings. If you would like to update your VIN registry list, #2149 is located in Austin. 

16  8/9/2007  Stephen McKevitt  Co. Armagh, Ireland  Hi, your site looks great!! Is it possible to update my VIN#10213 as it is now located in Ireland. Thanks! 

15  8/3/2007  Adrian Dunker  Garden Grove, CA  My DeLorean is now in Garden Grove with me (#10674) if you would like an update for the VIN registry list. Thanks 

14  8/2/2007  Roland Smith  Dublin, Califormia, USA  My DeLorean #6667 has moved from Oakland, California to Dublin, California 

13  8/1/2007  Vilyamxv  New York  Hello! great idea of color of this site! 

12  7/7/2007  Mark Valuch  Brookfield, Wisconsin USA  Great site, very cool! 

11  6/14/2007  Mario  Moscow  Great site!!! 

10  4/22/2007  Frankie Pickrell  Galveston, Texas    

1/25/2007  mr_mushroom  Austin, TX, USA  How do i become a member? 

1/23/2007  http://www.carclubsusa.com  Tucson AZ  Nice Site, I was wondering if you would be up for a link exchange? 

1/11/2007  Randal  Phoenix  Good Luck With The Club! Solid Start With The Site! 

1/11/2007  Jordan Gary  Wichita Falls, TX  Thanks for doing this. Good luck. It makes owning our cars more fun to have web sites like this.. 

1/11/2007  Sean Mullins  Cleveland, Ga.  Great upstart and good organization. Best of luck with future success. 

1/10/2007  Jim Coleman 002173  Waco, TX  Good luck with the website ! Jim 

1/10/2007  Jason  Mountain Home, Arkansas USA  Owner of vin #5903 

1/10/2007  Andrew Blackmon  Birmingham Alabama  Always good to have another Delorean club, love your logo. 

1/10/2007  James Espey  Humble, Texas USA  Thanks for taking the initiative on this, Thomas, and doing such a great job! It looks great! 

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