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2/22/2020  2020 Mardi Gras! on Galveston Island
The Galveston Mardi Gras event on The Strand, Mechanic and Tremont Streets is the third largest Mardi Gras celebration in the Unitied States during carnival season. The theme this year was Back to the Awesome 80's. The DeLorean Club of Texas was invited by, and joined ZKrewe and their Royal Court. Thanks for the invite! And thanks everyone, for attending.

Photos by Rob Keslar (click images to enlarge).
  Before any parade attended by the Houston DeLoreans, there is the traditional staging area for setup/lineup before the parade. Lineup started at 10:00am at Santa Fe Place, next to the Galveston Railroad Museum, for a 12 noon parade start.

Hmmm, is that a railroad track those DeLoreans are parked on? (They must be trying out for a part in the remake of BttF III).
  The parade route goes down 25th Street to Mechanic, to 20th, then on to The Strand, until arriving back to 25th.

That's the The Parrot Heads, a Ghost Busters Club following the DeLoreans. But where is Ecto-1?
  The DeLorans and ZKrewe joined ROTC Flag Units, High School Marching Bands, and other Mardi Gras Krewes throwing beads and celebrating the frivolity of Mardi Gras Galveston. mg-03.jpg
The year 2020 brought very few DeLorean events occurring or attended by the club, due to the COVID-19 virus that hit the United States primarily in the spring.   When DeLorean events did happen, social distancing and other guidelines were observed.   We look forward to more events occurring in 2021 as the virus hopefully subsides.
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