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Gallery 2006

10/1/2006  2006 Texas All British Car Day
The 2006 Texas All British Car Day was held in Round Rock, Texas (north of Austin). Ten Deloreans showed, with seven of them being from Houston.

(click images to enlarge).
tech-01 At a gas stop along the way to Austin/Round Rock.

tech-02 The cars lined up at the show in Old Settler's Park in Round Rock.
tech-03 And the winners are...
10/28/2006  Niftee-50ees Halloween Car Show
Four cars show at the Niftee50ees Halloween Car Show (Bill Ballard, Shannon Birdwell, Thomas Kidd, Brandon Mims). This is a very popular show, with up to 300 cars, and their owners [many] in costume. Entrants are required to be 1979 or older, but management repeatedly has made exceptions for the DeLorean club.

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  Rumor has it Shannon dumped more than a few bottles of green beer in his tank and this is the result (everyone knows you NEVER put in more than one beer per tank, of ANY color).

  Some meet at DMC to caravan from Humble to the downtown area (while some remain in the car sleeping on the job!).
12/3/2006  2006 Parade of Lights
It was VERY cold but we nevertheless had a good showing with six cars (Ballard, Birdwell, Dartt, Kidd, Mims, North). We learned a number of things about electricity with this outing, and how the crowd prefers DeLorean doors up, no matter how cold it is outside!

(click images to enlarge).
POL-01 At the staging area before the parade, final preparations are made to the cars to display lights while in motion.

POL-02 Group shot of a very cold group.
POL-03 Thomas' car shines.
POL-04 Bill's teeth shine too, especially at night.
12/17/2006   Conroe Flee Market Run
This run started in Humble and went to Conroe, and ended with dinner back in Houston at the Saltgrass restaurant.

Pictures are compliments of Photobucket (click images to enlarge).
WOW, two DeLoreans for sale at a flee-market. Amazing what all you can find at one of these things!

  "A boat's a boat, but a mystery box could by anything...it could even be a boat!" -- Unknown
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