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03/13/2010   St. Patrick's Day Parade
Six DeLoreans were in attendance this year. The weather was unbelievably nice, as were the cars. Parade positions are not shown due to changing around from time to time. Although St. Patrick's day officially landed on a Wednesday, it was decided that the parade would be held on the prior Saturday.

Photos by James Espey and Shannon Birdwell (click images to enlarge).
  In the staging area (in a shaded area this year, for the first time).
  Another shot of the staging area. stpat-02
stpat-03 The traditional rogues' gallery group shot. From left to right; Art Bernhardt, Bill (smokem' up) Swilley, Shannon Birdwell, Madison Foote, Chris Foote, James Espey, Sarah Heasty, Kevin Poe .
stpat-04 The photographer who fills in for the web-guy gets a courtesy exclusive shot of his car (Shannon).
  Um, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess these cars are made in Gillette, Wyoming? stpat-05
  On the street. stpat-06
6/17 - 6/20/2010  DCS 2010, Lexington, KY
For at least one of the Texas club members anyway (okay, it was me), this was the first time ever going to a DCS event. I had a great time, and I met in person a few people that I had only known of on one of the many DeLorean web sites and/or forums. Among the known Texas club members to attend this DCS event are Shannon Birdwell, James Espey, Sarah Heasty, Thomas Kidd and Bill Swilley. Ken and all his volunteers did a great job on the show, as I understand they have always done in the past.

Photos by Thomas Kidd (click images to enlarge).
  Three famous gull-wings, DeLorean, Bricklin and Mercedes.

  The DCS2010 raffle car, in all it's glory. The guys did an excelent job on it, wouldn't you say? DCS-02
  Judging going on under the big tent. DCS-03.jpg
  A raised DeLorean, with mirrors placed just right to view the beautiful underside. DCS-04.jpg
DCS-05 A very nice BTTF Time DeLorean Machine that was judged.
DCS-06 Video Bob made an appearance.
DCS-07 Doc Brown made an appearance too.
DCS-08 This was an unusual modification. Not quite a BTTF car, but interesting nontheless.
  One of the finest Bricklin specimines I've seen or earth, or anywhere else. DCS-09.jpg
  Just some of the show cars. I heard and estimate of 95-105 cars where there. DCS-10.jpg
  A lone DeLorean awaits, under the clock-tower? DCS-11.jpg
  View of the hotel entrance, looking out from the front door. DCS-12.jpg
  Finally, proof that I actually was there! DCS-13.jpg
7/3/2010  Bellaire 4th of July Parade
Yes, that's right. Even though the 4th of July fell on a Sunday, the city of Bellaire held their parade the Saturday before on the 3rd. Five Texas club DeLoreans participated this year, including those of James Espey, Sarah Heasty, Menny Rosenbaum, Shannon Birdwell and ? (ok, who was that last guy?)

Photos by Thomas Kidd (click images to enlarge).
  Three famous gull-wings, DeLorean, Bricklin and Mercedes.

  There really is a DeLorean in this picture... J4-02
  Judging going on under the big tent. J4-03.jpg
9/4/2010  Coffee and Cars
Coffee and Cars meet on Saturday Monings in the Up-Town Galleria parking lot, from 8-10.

Photos used with permission, courtesy of James Espey, and others (click images to enlarge).
CC-01 Three club DeLoreans were able to park together.

CC-02 Another view.
CC-03.jpg Bill's car, arriving.
CC-04.jpg This is something you don't see very often. A side-by-side photo of a right-hand drive DeLorean (left) and a left-hand drive (right). Okay guys, way to go, now I think I'm cixelsyd.
9/10/2010  1940 Air Terminal Museum at Hobby Airport
Every month, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Hobby Airport (KHOU) hosts a car club for their Wings and Wheels event. For September, the Texas DeLorean Club was their guest. It was also the museum's 70th year celebration of the terminal building. We were given museum entrance, access to the flight line, a light lunch and some excellent conversation. Six club DeLoreans were on display (Deitrich, Heasty, Foote, Espey, Ballard, Kidd). The original Hobby municipal airport terminal building itself is under renovation by the museum. It is operated by a professional staff of volunteers, and supported by private donations, and is a great cause. The Texas DeLorean Club wishes to extend a most hearty Thank You to the Museum for having us, and we wish you great success.

Photos used with permission, courtesy of Chris Foote and Shannon Birdwell (click images to enlarge).
  Six DeLoreans line up at the old Hobby Municipal Airport Terminal, and under the watchful eye of the original control tower.

  We were also under the watchful eye of the new tower. AM-02
  Three marvels pose, flaps down, nose to nose to nose (L to R; Kevin Deitrich, Lockheed LoadStar, Thomas Kidd). AM-03.jpg
  No, we didn't breach security and have to be escorted off the field. But in fact, due to high airport security, we were required to have an escort both entering and exiting the flight line at Hobby airport. We would like to thank the Houston Airport System, Airport Operations for their cooperation and assistance during our visit. AM-04.jpg
9/25/2010 - 9/26/2010  Texas All British Car Day
This is an annual two day event in Round Rock, Texas on Saturday and Sunday in September. In keeping with custom, Saturday afternoon there is a road rallye followed by a dinner. Sunday is the car show and awards. There were five DeLoreans attending this year, (Julian Pham, Guy Joyner, Art Bernhardt, James Espey, Sarah Heasty). In the DeLorean class, 1st went to Guy Joyner, 2nd to Julian Pham and 3rd to Art Bernhardt.

Photos used with permission, courtesy of James Espey, and others (click images to enlarge).
tabcd-01 Unusually aligned this time, in a quarter moon formation.

tabcd-02 The weather cooperated, pleanty of sunshine.
tabcd-03.jpg In order left to right, Pham, Joyner, Bernhardt, Espey, Heasty.
10/02/2010  Back To The Future Screening
(An open letter to the Alamo Draft House)

Dear Lacy and Chris,

I wanted to thank both of you for the successful showing of "Back to the Future" tonight. We had seven Deloreans show up for the show. I was pleasantly surprised to see how full the theater was and it was funny to see everyone clapping at the end of the movie. There were a lot of people taking pictures of the cars and posing with [them]. After the movie a lot of people were hanging around looking and talking to the owners. The Houston Delorean Club extends our thanks for your hospitality for the tickets and food.

Shannon Birdwell

Breaking from the tradition of four BTTF showings (2 Friday & 2 Saturday), this time the Draft House had only one Saturday night showing. So, for not having to be spread thin, the club had a higher number of cars at this single showing.

10/23/2010  War`Hous Studios Showing of Art by Robert Bleier
Robert Bleier, a Texas DeLorean Club member, has completed a set of 12 paintings that feature the DeLorean automobile. The complete series was on display at the War'Hous Visual Studios in the Houston Museum District, along with other artists, and a silent auction that benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation. Beginning at 8:00 PM Saturday night, seven DeLoreans honored Robert Bleier directly in front of the War'Hous. The event itself was sponsored by the Delorean Motor Company in Humble. Read more about Robert, his art and love of DeLoreans here.

DMC-12 positions in front of the studio:

Photos by Thomas Kidd (click images to enlarge).
WH-01 It was a dark night for sure. All cameras seemed to have a hard time picking up good photos. This photo attempts to show the seven Texas Club DeLoreans in front of the Studio. Attending were: Thomas Kidd, Brandon & Crystal Mims, Bill & Rose Ballard, Cameron Wynne, James Espey, Sarah Heasty and Ian Yanagisawa. Lineup as per above, left to right.

WH-02 Robert, his wife and kids, in front of his painting exhibit, answer questions from attendees.
WH-03.jpg The inventory of Robert's art, positioned respectively. In addition to the twelve DeLorean art paintings were some of Robert's other interests, some of which were not for benefit, but were for display only.
WH-04.jpg Bill and Rose were in attendance, dressed formally. Wait, is that really Bill in a suit?
  The artist himself, and his better-half. WH-05.jpg
  On display among numerous pieces of art and silent auction items, was this nicely framed photo of John Z. DeLorean (dontated by DMC-Texas). Proceeds from the sale of this and other auction items benefit the Susan G. Koemen foundation for breast cancer. WH-06.jpg
  Bottom two rows; Robert's 12 DeLorean scenic paintings. Above, other non-DeLorean related paintings by Robert. WH-07.jpg
  The show was very well attended. It was standing room only. There was also a DJ providing music to view art by. WH-08.jpg
10/30/2010  Niftee50ees Halloween Monster Car Show
Each year Niftee50ees holds their BIG car show on the closest Saturday to Halloween. And each year they graciously allow the Texas DeLorean Club to participate, despite our cars being newer than 1979, and despite having to turn other classic cars away as soon as 5:30 PM. The car count estimate this year is between five and six hundred cars. We extend our thanks to Niftee50ees for their hospitality. This year, five club cars attended (Mims, Birdwell, Foote, Deitrich, Gove). Owen Malbec also attended, but without his car (some guys just don't know when to quit working on 'em, and start driving them).

Photos courtesy of Brandon Mims (click images to enlarge).
N50s-01 Well you know how it goes. It started out all nice and easy, a simple charitable event, to raise money to rebuild the clock tower after being struck by lightning.
N50s-02 But then...EVERYbody has to squeeze in on the action, 'cause pretty soon the DeLoreans start to arrive.
N50s-03.jpg Even the ones with fancy wheels had to get in on the act.
N50s-04.jpg Finally, there were so many cars some had to park in between the rows.
  Brandon sent his crew out on a mission to get as much candy as they could, for him to eat later. N50s-05.jpg
  A group shot, some in formal attire. N50s-06.jpg
11/20/2010  Huffman Music Festival
The Texas DeLorean Club was specifically invited by the Houston Cobra Club to this event, which benefits Wounded Warriors through the "Operation Comfort" effort. Six bands performed. And you could purchase raffle tickets for $20 to win a 2010 Harley Davidson XR 1200.

Photos courtesy of Brandon Mims (click images to enlarge).
HMF-01 Another beautiful November day in Houston for the benefit, car/motorcycle cruise-in.
HMF-02 The DeLoreans were surrounded by lots of Fords, and Cobras.
HMF-03.jpg Three cars/families atteded. Ballard, Mims, Bharwani (Ali, where have you been?)
12/5/2010  2010 Parade of Lights
Each year, the TVFFRF holds a Parade of Lights in northewest Harris county to benefit Texas volunteer fire fighters in times of catastrophic events. This was thier 13th annual parade, and the sixth time the Texas DeLorean club has participated in this great fund raising event. Six club DeLoreans were in the parade (Ballard, Bharwani, Birdwell, Espey, Heasty, Mims).

Photos by Shannon Birdwell (click images to enlarge).
  This is an interesting picture of the five DeLoreans with the doors up, in line.

  The traditional Rogues gallery photo. POL-02
  Anyone that can guess this K-9's name wins a free puppy. (WARNING...BIG HINT follows----> A white DOG, sitting in a DELOREAN!). POL-03.jpg
  No, we didn't breach security, AGAIN. From the Birdwell dash-cam, this is Bill being flanked by two police cars. Hey wait! Isn't Bill himself a retired police man? POL-04.jpg
  "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." -- A. Lincoln (1809-1865)
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