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Gallery 2005

8/27/2005  Hempstead Back-Roads Fun Run
A perfect day for a drive in the country.

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HFR-01 An intermitent stop at the Lawrence Marshall Antique Car Museum, at about the half way point.

HFR-02 Eight DeLoreans managed to have parking right up front. The museum reserves the close-in parking for the finer automobiles.
HFR-03 Looking thru a line-up of all eight cars.
HFR-04 A line-up view from the back.
10/22/2005  DeLorean-Pantera Trip to Messina Hof
This is the infamous DeLorean-Pantera joint venture trip to Messina Hof in central Texas. I understand the DeLoreans really showed those Pantera guys what driving a cool car is all about. 

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  DeLoreans at a check point along the way, waiting for those Pantera guys, whom always seem to be running late!

  Waiting at the winery, the Pantera guys finally arrive.
  Participants appear to be stunned the Pantera guys finally made it.
  DeLoreans and Panteras inter-marry..., uh, woops...I mean inter-mingle out in front of the winery.
  "I'm a success today, because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down." -- A. Lincoln (1809-1865)
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