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Gallery 2009

03/14/2009  St. Patrick's Day Parade
Ten DeLoreans participated in the parade this year in downtown Houston. DeLoreans are always a big hit as they drive double-file in the parade.

Parade positions:
#1 Ballard #2 Hersch
#3 Mims #4 Espey
#5 Swilley #6 Wynne, S.
#7 Wynne, E. #8 Foote
#9 Storey #10 Dartt

(click images to enlarge).
  Before the parade, getting ready in the staging area.
  "I want to be first!" -- "No, I'm going to be first!" -- "No, I said I wanted to be first!" -- "No, ..." stpat-02
"Geez, where'd everybody go? (What is that, a stainless-steel dog?).
stpat-04 A rainy day in Houston? No problem, stainless-steel doesn't rust!
stpat-05 Gull-wing doors sort of act like umbrellas in the rain. John DeLorean had incredible foresight, don't you think?
stpat-06 The traditional gruesome group shot.
4/25/2009  Conroe Cruiser's 17th Annual Show
A few of the north-side club members made this event, and also Heath and Antje Owen, all the way from Austin. The DeLorean line up also made the local Conroe paper.

Photo by Brandon Mims (click image to enlarge).
  As usual, club members make their cars very shiny and clean, and always make a good presentation.

5/17/2009  Texas DeLorean Club 1st Annual Scavenger Hunt
(Comments by James Espey) Fairly good turnout for today's event, and several no-shows (you know who you are) all missed out on a good time and good food, too! In fifth place, with a negative 1295 points (-1295) was Roger Dartt, who showed up one hour and five minutes late with just a mattress tag. A tie for fourth place, between soloist Robert Goodwin and the team of Shannon Birdwell and his friend Mike. In third place, Blake and Phillip rolled in with 14 of the 222 items for 320 points. In second place, Kevin and Amy Dietrich arrived with 33 of the 222 items for 560 points. Way out front in first, Sarah and Alan arrived with 56 of the 222 items with a big 1340 points!

Thanks to all who came and based on the response, we'll try this again in the Fall when things cool off a bit...


(click images to enlarge).
  Many of the scavenger hunt items could be found by participants taking the body and pontoon off their cars.

  One of the hunt items. sh-02
  Bill cooked up some burgers and dogs. I hope Bill didn't get the can of PAM confused with those cans of starting fluid. sh-03.jpg
  The prize for the hunt winner. sh-04.jpg
6/13/2009  Tech Day
A number of club member cars had both minor and substantial work done on them. In the spirit of just plain being a good guy, the tech day was again held at Jay Streckfuss' shop, where he allows us to use the lifts and his tools. (I guess we should probably start giving some of his tools back, huh).

(click images to enlarge).
tech01 There's something under there...but what? A mouse? A bird? A parrot perhaps?

tech02 This guy did the most work of anybody that showed up. Even brought his own lunch bag and sun-screen.
tech03.jpg What the heck are these and where do they go? Anybody? Bueller?
7/4/2009  Bellaire 4th of July Parade
Six members participated this year.

(click images to enlarge).
  The parade staging area.

  Another view. AM-02
  "I AM SO COOL!" AM-03.jpg
10/31/2009  Niftee50ees Halloween Monster Car Show
Seven pristine DeLoreans where at this show, ariving early so to be able to park next to each other. It was reported that this show had over 500 cars attendance.

Photos courtesy of Brandon Mims and Shannon Birdwell (click images to enlarge).
N50s-01 Bill strikes his normal pose, kicked-back, sunglasses on, a frosty beverage in hand and a spare by his foot in case he spills his primary, all the while talking on the phone taken' care of bid-ness.

N50s-02 Crystal and Haleigh show off their spoils for the night.
N50s-03.jpg "Maybe, just maybe, if I close my eyes long enough, a time machine will take me away from this scary place!".
N50s-04.jpg The crowds flock to the gull-wings. DeLoreans are very popular at every show they attend.
12/6/2009  2009 Parade of Lights
Nathan Rundio and Shannon Birdwell were the only attendees this year.

Photo by Shannon Birdwell (click image to enlarge).
That's Nathan giving the ol' thumbs-up. Ready-to-Go.

12/11/2009 - 12/12/2009  Back to the Future Screenings
In their usual great form, the Alamo Draft House invited the Texas DeLorean Club to display their cars during four separate screenings of Back to the Future. Show times where at 3:30 and 7:30 both Friday and Saturday. The management and staff there were extremely hospitable. They provided us with free passes to the movie, a complimentary dinner, and some great conversation. The Texas DeLorean Club would like to extend a big Thank You to the Drafthouse. The Alamo Drafthouse on Mason Road is a real class act!

Here was the line-up:
 Friday 3:30 PMRoger Dartt, Chip Storey
 Friday 7:30 PMThomas Kidd, Roger Dartt, Chip Storey
 Saturday 3:30 PMShannon Birdwell, Brandon Mims, Bill Ballard, Sarah Heasty
 Saturday 7:30 PMBill Ballard, Brandon Mims, James Espey, Wayne Arnold

(click images to enlarge).
WH-01 A group shot (Brandon, Sarah and Bill), from Saturday.
WH-02 Looks like two stainless steel presents under a Christmas tree.
WH-03.jpg On Friday night, the usual DeLorean fact sheet, DeLorean information cards, BTTF trivia and lore sheet, and Radioactive warning signs were on display.
WH-04.jpg When shined, stainless steel really glistens at night under lights.
  "The 'world' told me I could never earn an income, my mother told me I could, and my father told me I must! " -- Bill Porter (1932-2013)
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