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01/28/2012  DMC (Texas) Local Owner Event
On the last Saturday in January, DMC (Texas) in Humble sponsored what was coined as a Local Owner Event. This was like a mini version of the 2011 DeLorean Open-House that occurred last October, and was a second chance event for local owners who missed the open-house in 2011.

All local owners and enthusiasts were invited to see things like the new Stage III turbo-charged car, the DMCev, a few new products (like the new-improved fuel pump, and the new fiberglass front fascia, both painted and unpainted), and enjoy food and drink among friends.

Attendees included Bill & Rose Ballard, Kevin Deitrich, Ali Bharwani, Thomas Kidd, Chip Story, Roger Dartt, Bill Swilley, Karin, Pete and Donna Lunn, Dwayne and Mary Jane Arnold, and Ian Yanagisawa. Warren Wallingford, a retired employee, was also in attendance (rumor has it that Kevin immediately hit Warren up for some free advice as soon as he could get close to him). Unfortunately, we did not get a group picture this time.

DMC generously put this event on and opened its doors without charge to attendees. A big HATS-OFF go to Stephen, James and the rest for their hospitality!

All photos by Thomas Kidd (click images to enlarge).
  The Stage III, turbo-charged car was there for attendees to test drive. A few folks accepted the offer, and off they went!

Catch a glimps of your humble web-guy as a reflection seen in the window oposite the Stage-III car.

  Thomas' car was in for a few things. Yez-zir, 'ol 3341 sure is looking good, don't you think? LOE-02
  This is what Thomas' car looked like yesterday, before restoration...NOT!    Actually, this was just another car in at DMC awaiting attention (LOTS of attention)! LOE-03
  Numerous cars were either awaiting restoration/repair, or awaiting additional owner instructions. LOE-04
LOE-05 This is a picture of the new and improved fuel pump, along side a cut-away of a fuel tank. Yes, it appears taller than the fuel tank itself, but the assembly is spring loaded, and actually compresses to fit inside. Pretty snazzy I'd say.
LOE-06 Bill spent a significant amount of his time there doing what he does best... COOKING!   He cooked up the usual fare (burgers and dogs), but also some brauts (bratwurst). In the background, Rose instructs James on how best to run a DeLorean car company, how to restore cars and sell parts. Good job, Rose!
LOE-07 Eats galore!  Pictured here are (left to right); Rose, Sarah, James, Karin, Duane, Mary-Jane and Bill. Kevin is obscurred inside the building.
LOE-08 Enjoying lunch among racks and racks and racks of stainless steel body panels are (L to R): Kevin, Sarah, Ali and Warren Wallingford. Looks like the DMCev is enjoying lunch too.
  The now famous DMCev. "NRG" is a power generation conglomerate, which owns a number of energy companies, including our own Reliant Energy. LOE-09
  Stephen Wynne takes Thomas for a ride in the DMCev. It was remarkably quiet at low speeds (at high speeds, road noise was still present, of course). LOE-10
  Stephen takes Warren Wallingford for a drive in the DMCev. LOE-11
  The showroom at DMC in Humble. The entire facility was spic-n-span, shop and showroom. We had the entire place to ourselves, to view cars, parts, the DeLorean Museum and pretty much whatever we wanted. That's Pete Lunn getting the perfect photo. LOE-12
03/17/2012  St. Patrick's Day Parade
Almost all of the established DeLorean clubs in the United States that are in or near a large city participate in annual St. Patrick's day parades hosted by the respective cities. Houston is no exception, and some twelve DeLoreans were present at this years' event. Why do DeLoreans participate in annual St. Patrick's day parades you ask? It's because these automobiles were built in Ireland, of course.

All photos by Shannon Birdwell (click images to enlarge).
  Jim Hersch's Stage III car.
  These are the cars lined up in the staging area, before the parade started. stpat-02
  Another view of the staging area. stpat-03
stpat-04 The gang thought they'd get in a quick game of Laser Tag before the parade started.
stpat-05 To borrow a line from The Gumball Rally, (in my best fake Italian accent voice) "And now my friend, the first rule of Italian driving. What's-ah behind me...it's not important"!
stpat-06 The parade en-route, with the gang curiously closely following that Budweiser truck. I wonder who arranged that line-up?
05/26/2012  Back To The Future Screening
Each year, the group tries to attend as many Back To The Future screening events as we can, as they are held by a number of movie houses around Houston. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the movie houses and the local club. The BTTF movie goers love to see real DeLoreans on display as they enter and exit their favorite cult-classic movie. And, the owner group gets to show and promote the iconic automobile, hopefully stiring the interests of future generations (these cars that are now owned by us older guys and gals will probably out live us, and so someday may be owned by the very kids going to see BTTF today).

This was a free event for kids and families of Alamo Drafthouse' Kids Club.

At this event, five members attended. Chuck Waters, Bill Ballard, Sarah Heasty, Jeff Cooke, James Espey.

Photos by Jeff Cooke (click images to enlarge).
(L to R) Jeff Cooke and James Espey's cars.
(Chuck's car is a concourse event condition car). stpat-02
07/24/2012, 07/26/2012  Back To The Future Screenings
Two more Back To The Future screening events were held, one Tuesday night and one Thursday night. This time located at the Movie Tavern in Tomball.

At the Tuesday night event, Jeff Cooke and Shannon Birdwell attended. For Thursday night, Brandon Mims, Owen Malbec and Shannon Birdwell were present.

All photos by Shannon Birdwell (click images to enlarge).
  Then entrance to the the Movie Tavern with DeLoreans out front.
  Einstein stood watch over the DeLoreans, keeping them safe from nosey spectators. stpat-02
  Brandon was about to be ticketed for doing 88 MPH on his way to the screening. But he got out of the ticket by faking a laugh when the officer cracked a BTTF joke. Good thinking, Brandon. stpat-02
  Dueling DeLoreans? stpat-02
  "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' " -- Mary Anne Radmacher
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