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VIN Registry (special list)

This is a special DeLorean Registry list, ordered by VIN, as of Feb 23, 2024.

Gold conversions
VIN Model Year Mfg.  MM YY Interior Trans Hood City State/Pr. Country Engine Nbr Frame Nbr DOD Mbr Conversion Notes
1542 81  May 81  Black  Manual  Grooved,Flap    No. Woodmere  NY  USA  742       The forth gold DeLorean (unconfirmed) 
4300 81  Oct 81     Manual  Grooved    Reno  NV  USA         Original American Express Gold Car #1, Saddle Interior 
4301 81  Oct 81  Black  Automatic  Grooved    Los Angeles  CA  USA         Original American Express Gold Car #2 
10853 82  Dec 81  Grey  Automatic  Flat        USA  7652       Vinal wrap gold, wrecked, project car. 
16625 83  Aug 82  Black  Manual  Flat    Allentown  PA  USA         The fifth gold DeLorean (unconfirmed). Privately done gold plated or gold painted car (unconfirmed). 
20105 83  Dec 82  Saddle  Automatic  Flat    Cresaptown  MD  USA    2155     Assembled with replacements parts originally meant for American Express cars 4300 and 4301. Saddle Interior. 

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