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Greatest Dogs (280)


I have come to believe that dogs are one of many gifts from God to mankind. I have not always felt this way, and have not been the best steward of God's gifts, but have since come to believe this about dogs.

They serve human kind without complaining, without wanting sick pay, vacations, a medical plan or other benefits, or even a second thought. They only want to please humans, no matter what is asked of them. They’ll run themselves to death if allowed to, all to please a human. They are one of the few animals that are naturally domesticated.

Imagine all that they do: seeing-eye dogs, hunting (retrieving) dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, cadaver-sniffing dogs, dogs that help autistic children, sled-pulling dogs, etc. There are even therapeutic dogs that are taken into hospitals and rest homes, to aid in patient’s outlooks. They have been a significant influence throughout my life. They are truly amazing.

So, this is a collection of the coolest dogs ever.


Welsh Terriers


The dogs pictured above are not ones that I've known, but only great examples of an adult and a Welsh Terrier pup.

The following is a list of the greatest dogs that ever lived!

Common Name Nick Name Kennel Name of Litter
Terry Kidd's Starlit Terrific, C.D.
Dina "Dinedy" Kiddcroft Starlit Dina, C.D.
Cindy Rebel Run Carrousel
Katie "Cakes" Liken Run's Katie of Double K
Taffie"Taffer" CH Double K Kandy Kidd Katie
Rocky "ROCK dog" Double K on the Rocks Katie
Barnie"Barn" Double K Royal Rambler Taffie
Fritz Double K Royal Kaptain Kidd Taffie
Bree CH Brianna Petunia of Double KKatie
Reba "Reba Rambum" Double K Karisma Katie
Sam "Sammie Hagar"CH Double K the Kapitalist Katie
Max "Maximillion" Double K Khaos, C.D.

Abbreviations: (degrees)
C.D. Companion Dog
CH Champion

"Sam", Best of Breed, June 18, 1978.


German Shepherd

"Magic" (1985-1997).

Born Jaunuary 1, 1985, died summer 1997. Probably the friendliest dog I have ever known. One of the only dogs I completely trusted around children. I recall the first time Magic ever saw a horse. She let out one of those scared barks. I think she thought it was a big dog, because dogs were the only thing she knew that stood on four legs. Losing Magic was like losing an old friend.

This picture (circa 1989), shows Magic with me at a car show. And this picture is significant because the car in the backround is a 1972 Dodge Challenger which I used to own. But I sold it trying to help fund my first house. In this picture, the new owner has it about 95% restored (it was not part of the show). Ironically today, I don't have the house, the car, or the dog. How's that for a measure of success?

Border Collies

"Gus" and "Maggie" (Augustus Gustafson, right and Augusta Magdalene, left), pups at about 6 weeks.


This is a typical view of these two nut-heads. Maggie, about half the size of Gus, is about to beat-up on him again. It's becoming her trade-mark. And for some reason, we don't know why, they both like to bury their heads in the tall cool grass and rest for a bit, then move along, then bury again, then repeat this cycle over and over again.

More pictures forthcoming, as they grow...

"Sophie", a proud mother, and part of her litter (six of nine)! Gus and Maggie are both in this picture. Can you pick them out?


"Scottie", the father, about to mark his territory.


"Gus" and "Maggie" at Nine Weeks

Gus, 9 weeks Maggie, 9 weeks

We lost Maggie on July 7th, at eleven weeks, just before her 12 week photos. She would have looked something like Gus, in his 12 week old picture below.

The Death of Maggie

"Gus" at almost Twelve Weeks

Gus, 12 weeks

"Gus" at 4 months

Gus, 16 weeks

"Gus" at 6 months

Gus, 6 months

October 2004. We've learned that Gus' brothers and sisters are all still only about half his size and weight (as Maggie was). We don't know what happened to Gus. This mutant, monster dog must have eaten the real Gus. As much fun as we have playing with this imposter (Jaws), we miss the real Gus as a pup, and his antagonist playmate Maggie.

December 2004. Gus, (saw-tooth) is 8 months old now. Ol' "gater-mouth" chews EVERYTHING! Indestructible bones get eaten. Our patio furniture has chew marks. Our park bench looks 100 years old. Entire plants get uprooted. The rubber floor mat that Gus used to sleep on got eaten…now he sleeps on cold concrete, but it’s his own fault. Once I saw him chewing on our metal table and chairs! Even his own water bowl is not off limits, after he’s slapped all the water out of it with his paws, of course. A few times, he has been particularly destructive and we have had to put him in his pen.

Oh, what fun!

"Gus" at 9 months

Gus, 9 months

January 2005. This is a picture (below) of Gus basking in the sun, after a hard day's work destroying things. Digging holes and uprooting plants is hard work you know. He sleeps lightly, so we had to sneak this picture from inside the house, through the blinds. By the way, in case you're thinking the chairs are just randomly placed, they're not. In fact they are strategically placed. Everywhere you see a chair, there was a hole dug by the excavator. The chairs help the grass to regrow. You may also get a hint of missing shrubs that have not yet been replaced.

Gus, basking

February 2005, Gus' first movie

Feb. 2005, Gus' second movie

"Gus" at 1 year, eating his birthday cake, just after a bath.

Gus, 1 year

Good Dog!

August 2005, Gus' third movie (32 meg)

October 2005, Update: Gus, a.k.a. MISTER Gus, a.k.a. "Gush", a.k.a. "GUUUUSH!", a.k.a. Gussie, a.k.a. Gusser, a.k.a. Mr. Muddy Feet, a.k.a. Mr. Slobber Dog, a.k.a. Mr. Bark Dog, a.k.a. Mr. Sniff Dog, a.k.a. Mr. Eats Everything Dog, now weighs 65 lbs.!

January 2006, Update: Gus, a.k.a. Gussie-Moosie, now weighs a whopping 72 lbs.! How could this happen? Have we created a monster? Here he is (below) in the trunk of my car after jumping in. He's got to where he wants to go everywhere with us, so if we open so much as a door or even a trunk, he rushes to jump in.

Gus, 21 months

"Gus" (below) at 2 years, resting. Now 77 lbs.!

Gus, 2 years

November 2006, Update (two pictures below) Mr. Gus, now 80lbs, at 2 1/2 years.

Gus, 30 months

Gus at 82 lbs. His weight just keeps going up.

Gus, 30 months

Shepherd/Lab mix

March 18, 2007, Gus has a new play-mate. A little sister, sort-of. This is Ali (Alexandra Danielle). She is 12 weeks old, and 23 lbs.

Gus & Ali, May 2007

May 12, 2007, Gus is now up to 85 lbs and Ali is 42 lbs. She is still skinny, but almost as tall as Gus is. She jumps all over him, but tolerates it.

Ali, 12 weeks

January 2008, (below) Gus is weighing in at 94 lbs. But it's hard to find fat on him. He has a lot of fur for the winter and looks even bigger than he actually is. Ali on the other hand, has grown up, but is still skinny. She weighs in at 60 lbs.

Ali, (about) 1 year old, 1/27/2008

Gus, 1/27/2008

Both dogs have become very personable. Gus has a unique way of showing affection. If we are sitting, he will try to get up close as possible, turn his head, and lean into us. It's hard to describe, but we are convinced it is his way of giving us a hug. He still barks a lot though.

Ali is still finicky about food. It's a wonder she has achieved 60 lbs. And she has finally started to bark (not a good thing) after a long period of silence. Her bark is sort of rolling/howling bark, and she looks right at us when doing it. We know she is trying to talk to us, but we don't know what she is try to say.

May 2008, Gus' forth movie (Ali's first). The dogs are play-fighting. (13 meg)

May 2008, (below) Gus is weighing in at (down to) 85 lbs. Ali is still skinny, still 60 lbs.

Gus, 5/30/2008

Ali, 5/30/2008

"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared." --Eddie Rickenbacker

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