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The scariest jungle, full of lions and tigers and bears!

"When a leader gets too far ahead of his troops, pretty soon he starts looking like the enemy!" --Rev. Jon Salminen

You have reached the official Theory home page. Some pages are under construction. Please bear with me.

While I call this the official Theory home page, it isn't complete yet. This whole website thing started because I wanted to learn the internet and internet programming, specifically ASP. To do that, I needed to learn HTML. So all the categories that you see here, are there because I needed something to put on my website. And, in the course of events, why not use actual accounts and events of some interesting things (of course interesting to one may not be interesting to have to consider your point of view). Nevertheless, this site really does nothing for me, in that it doesn't support my business, it's not about my family, there is nothing for anybody to lookup, and I have no political agenda to promote here.

About this web site: The reason why this page is not yet totally official, is that it hardly scratches the surface of what I want to do. There is not any ASP on this site (primarily because my internet host does not allow Server Side Processing). To date, it is all only HTML and Java and VB Script (although, the previous release did contain a very nice 'frames' enhancement--you'll notice the menu on the left, which used to be its own frame, but now is Java Script). Eventually however, I will have more vidio clips, more wave files, working hit counters, lists that you can update (like a guest register), and possibly input information for my surveys. So...summing it all up, the bottom line is...this whole dad-gum web site is here just because I wanted to learn how to, you guessed it, put up a web site. Additionally, currently 100% of this code is written by hand. No FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Cold-Fusion or any web-authoring tool was used.

This is the second generation of this web site. The first generation site (the one that used frames) needed a new look, I felt. The old frames and stylesheets had become tired. This second generation of the original site has a new, more modern, simple look, due to using Java for the menuing and new stylesheets, but the content is exactly the same.

As far as the domain name, I had to use, because most domain names with the word "theory" used in it were taken. Sure there are many other combinations available, but was the easiest one to remember, I felt.

About the content: Ok, so I know that "the Greatest" is a worn out-overused characterization of so many things in our American way of life, and I use it here a lot. After all, if I say a person, or a place, or an event is the greatest, then it may not actually be so to you. But it is to me, and that is the point. To me, perhaps it IS the greatest. After all, why have such a word if it cannot be appropriately used by someone trying to describe something notable.

About the pictures: All pictures are either taken with a cheap digital camera (for ease of getting them to the internet in jpg format), or are scammed directly off the web (also saves time). In time, I will eventually upgrade or replace all these pictures so that they present a better appearance.

You'll see a lot of still pictures throughout this site. During development, I was warned not to "over do" some of the nifty things that can be done, because after too much it becomes distracting, as if there is too much clutter. But words alone cannot always tell a story or convey a message or meaning. Clearly pictures can do so much to give the viewer the intended message, and make a web-site so much more appealing. They can be invaluable. So I do use pictures here extensively. I hope it's not too much.

Also, second to, and in addition to the pictures, this site has become a great collection of links. Perhaps that's its value, rather than being able to just look things up or promote some agenda.

With that said, I offer you the unofficial official Theory home page. Kilroy was here!

The attempt at a noble deed, is itself noble. --Unknown

Website current as of: March 17, 2011


the-o-ry (the'a re, thir'e) n., pl. -ries [[ < Gr theorein, to view ]] 1 a speculative plan
2 a formulation of underlying principles of certain observed phenomena which has been verified to some degree 3 the principles of an art or science rather than its practice 4 a conjecture; guess

axiom (ak'se em) n. [[ < Gr axios, worthy ]] 1 a) a statement universally accepted as true; maxim b) a self-evident truth 2 an established principle, scientific law, etc. --ax'i-o-mat'ic (-e mat'ik) adj. --ax'i-o'mat'i-cal-ly adv.