The Most (nearly) Famous People (330)

This is a list of the most (nearly) famous people I've met. (This is not a testament as to how great these people are, just that I've met them, and that I consider them novelty, exceptional, famous or noteworthy of mention in some way.)

Alfredo Rego, inventor of Adager.

Fred White, "father" of IMAGE databases.

Eugene Volokh, principle partner of VEsoft, author of Thoughts and Discoursed on HP3000 Software, author of MPEX and Security/3000, and Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law.

Brad Tashenberg, founder of Bradmark Technologies and inventor of DB General.

Ted Turner, former president of CNN and owner of the Atlanta Braves.

You may not know this name, but Gerald Pullen has been instrumental in my life. I think everyone can recall a teacher, a mentor, a roll model that was at least partly responsible for who we are today. Mr. Pullen is that person to me. Who am I to him? One of a countless million, nameless, faceless students that had the benefit of having this man for a college teacher.

Avi Ariel
  Avi Ariel
  • One of the most inspiring teachers ever.
  • Some colleges' teaching methodologies are based on work done by Avi Ariel.
  • "The key to accelerated learning lies in providing stimulation and positive feedback while minimizing stress."
  • I personally took classes taught by Avi Ariel (who insisted we address him simply as Avi). He was the only professor I ever knew that did not want students to take notes. On the first day of class, along with the class syllabus, he provided a notebook full of all the type-written notes needed for the class. He wanted students to pay attention during lectures, rather than taking notes.

"It's better sometimes when we don't get to touch our dreams." Harry Chapin, "Sequel"

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