DeLorean Owners of Texas -- Gallery

2005 Events


Hempstead Back-Roads Fun Run

A perfect day for a drive in the country.

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#1, An intermitent stop at the Lawrence Marshall Antique Car Museum, at about the half way point.
#2, Eight DeLoreans managed to have parking right up front. The museum reserves the close-in parking for the finer automobiles.
#3, Looking thru a line-up of all eight cars.
#4, A line-up view from the back.

DeLorean-Pantera Trip to Messina Hof

This is the infamous DeLorean-Pantera joint venture trip to Messina Hof in central Texas. I understand the DeLoreans really showed those Pantera guys what driving a cool car is all about.

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#1, DeLoreans at a check point along the way, waiting for those Pantera guys, whom always seem to be running late!
#2, Waiting at the winery, the Pantera guys finally arrive.
#3, Participants appear to be stunned the Pantera guys finally made it.
#4, DeLoreans and Panteras inter-marry..., uh, woops...I mean inter-mingle out in front of the winery.


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