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General Information:  (comments by Thomas Kidd)

The DeLorean Owners Directory (DOD) was created by James Espey (founder of DMC-News, the DeLorean Mailing List) in 1995 and was
maintained by him until he went to work for DMC (Texas) in 1999. At such time responsibility for upkeep changed hands a few times and is
now maintained by the Texas DeLorean Club, and has been since 2011, primarily through the efforts of Thomas Kidd and Shannon Birdwell.

To be a member, you must submit directory information and consent to the release of parts of that information to other DOD members. As in
the past, the Directory is not released to the general public, or even the general DeLorean community. One must be a DOD member, validated
with a legitimate email address, and in active status to obtain the unlock code for the current DOD list.

Here are the steps for joining and obtaining a copy of the Directory (use top-navigation buttons above):

  • Submit owner information; wait for and respond to an email to verify your email address, then allow time to 'Activate' your status.
  • Once activated, use your password to 'Update' your information at any time.
  • Optionally 'Delete' your information at any time.
  • Obtain the DOD Directory password, and download the copy (published periodically).

Information from prior directories have been carried forward, so previous members do not need to sign up again. Your information, including
your password should be current on this new directory.

Use the control buttons at the top of this page as appropriate. For new members to the DOD, please click Submit Info above to join. For
those already on the DOD, choose Update to make any changes to your current information. You may optionally remove yourself from
the DOD at any time by choosing Delete. You will be required to enter your personal password to update your data or to be
removed from the DOD.

You may then download the directory after being activated. Select Get Directory to obtain the DOD publication password and download it
(you will be prompted provide your personal password to reveal the directory password). If you should forget your password, select
Forgot Pwd to have your password emailed to you you, to your email address of record.

For questions or comments about the new DOD, please contact the web-guy by email by clicking .

Current DOD counts:
   Active listings: 783
  Inactive: 144
  Pending: 1
  Pwd requests: 206

Current DOD Issue - #16 last published on 11/4/2017 
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